If you have long hair, then a hair dryer is probably one of your best friends. It is a handy tool for quickly drying out your hair, as opposed to sitting around and waiting for it to dry naturally. However, it is of no use to you when it goes wrong, although you will be pleased to know that a lot of faults are often fixable in the home and don’t require buying a whole new dryer. We’re taking a look at some of the most common problems with your hair dryer, and how you remedy them.

Fixing the switch

Sometimes, your hair dryer will develop a broken switch. This is something which can be very irritating and can prevent you from using the entire mechanism. To fix it, you’ll first need to unplug it at the wall, as you’ll be taking it apart to solve the problem. From there, you’ll need to unscrew the cover from the device, and then you’re going to need to remove the housing to get a good look at some of the parts which are inside it. The switch is usually mounted on the handle, and you’ll need to test it using a multimeter. To do this, first, make sure that you have disconnected the switch from the dryer and you can access it correctly. You can then test to make sure that it works in the way that it is supposed to. For additional tips, visit appliance repair Phoenix AZ.

Fixing the actual fan

The fan in your hair dryer is quite durable by design. However, it is also subject to issues like loose hairs and moisture, both of which can cause problems for the workings of the dryer and can severely hamper your performance. To fix this, you’ll need to unplug your device again and then unscrew the housing. If it’s a case of the fan being bunged up by things like hair and lint, then you need to use something like a hand pump to apply forced air into the system to clear it out. If it is a case of water in the system, then the problem is slightly more severe. The moisture can short out the components of your device and render it inoperable, so if that is the case, then you’re going to need to replace the parts because that is not something you can fix.

Overall, the hair dryer is such a valuable tool that you’d be foolish not to try and repair it. Not only will you save money if you can fix the device by hand, but you’re also saving time. There’s a couple of different problems which can afflict the hair dryer, and none of them barring short-circuited components is anything especially problematic. However, what you will find with the parts which have been damaged by water is that there is no way to fix them, as the damage has been done long before you got inside of it, and you can’t reverse it, so you’ll need to replace the parts. Sounds too difficult? Why not speak with the team that provides dryer repair in Los Angeles for advice?